Thomas Partey can still peak to become midfield boss | Man United v Arsenal | Mikel Arteta Part 2

TIMESTAMPS0:00 INTRO0:20 Can Partey be great at Man U like last season?0:57 can he boss midfield? He is not as laid back as he looks – not at his peak for us yet1:45 Rangnick in stands like when you took over v Everton?2:35 made sense for Freddie to lead that match3:10 Aubameyang lacking confidence?3:20 the way he presses is non-negotiable and he does it very well this season3:50 Auba has not lost his ability to score4:30 Bielsa says worries about future of the game cos of commercial aspects?5:25 difficult to have big squads financially but need them cos so many games5:50 how to cope with schedule ? All discussions at moment to do more and more6:25 Partey has AFCON then World Cup and another AFCON so will not be easy6:59 Tavares unpredictable for opponents – KT can do it tooMikel Arteta offers further insight into life at Arsenal shortly before he goes for another win at Manchester United.HaytersTV – Football Up Close. We go behind the scenes with the biggest names in football to bring you interviews, training, news, live coverage, fans’ voices and funniest moments. If you love football, you’ll love Hayters TV. Subscribe now!Follow HaytersTV on social media 🔥——-Subscribe on YouTube – #Arsenal #ParteyBy HaytersTV SHARE :

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