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Turn Up the Heat with Natural Aphrodisiacs



Suzy Cohen, a pharmacist at Lifescript, tells you about 10 natural aphrodisiacs for both you and your boyfriend

Are you prepared to raise the temperature in your bedroom? No need for nasty chat, movies, or toys. Suzy Cohen, a pharmacist at Lifescript, tells you about 10 natural aphrodisiacs for both you and your boyfriend. These include plants, seeds, supplements, and soaps.

How’s your sex drive, too? Find out by taking our quiz.

Regularly doing the act will strengthen your bond and extend your life. What if, however, you’re not feeling as punchy these days in your pajamas?

Your body’s sex hormone levels have an impact on your arousal, endurance, and sexual vigor.


Stress also has an impact. The same is true for staying up late working or running after kids all day.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that sex occurs only a few times per month in almost half of married couples in America.

Luckily, most health food stores, pharmacies, and online sites sell natural remedies that can help bring back heat between the sheets:

The women come first.

1. Peppermint shampoo or soap

This short, easy way to increase stimulation will be adored by women, especially if the Big O is elusive. Additionally, peppermint items may help you become multi-orgasmic if you’re one of the fortunate women who readily achieves orgasm.


For a cheap and simple booster, choose a pure essential oil-based natural peppermint soap. The cooling effect heightens and intensifies sexual satisfaction.

A decent option is Dr Bronner‘s liquid or bar soap.

Try topical creams and gels that include peppermint extract as well. Vigel is a popular medicine that you can buy at most pharmacies and online at It has arginine and peppermint oil, which both make you feel more sexually excited.

Watch out: Avoid products with artificial scents that are only made of chemicals and perfume. The pump can only be primed with peppermint extract.

At first, use it carefully: Some women find products containing peppermint or arginine a little too stimulating.


2. Zestra

This female arousal fluid can excite without stinging or rubbing delicate areas. Zestra has things like borage oil, angelica extract, vitamins E and C, and other things that come from plants.

To lubricate and increase arousal during foreplay, apply it there.

Watch out: Although the firm redesigned the product in 2009 with a more neutral aroma and flavour, several ladies still complained that the old formula didn’t taste or smell nice.

3. Rx Addiction

Some over-the-counter supplements include vitamins and herbs that could increase sex drive.

Tribulus Terrestris, Tongkat Ali, ashwagandha, Rhodiola, Catuaba bark, Yohimbe, Maca, or eleuthero extract are examples of active substances. These aren’t quick fixes, but if you take supplements with these ingredients regularly or as directed on the box, they may slowly bring back your passion.


One oral pill created by Dr Ray Sahelian may help balance hormones and boost libido. (Guys, feel free to take it, too!)

Yohimbe may cause some over-the-counter sex supplements to raise blood pressure in susceptible individuals.

Additionally, some herbal mixtures could interact with specific drugs. Inquire with your doctor and pharmacist about the safety of these supplements for you. Start with a modest dose and work your way up.

4. FertiliTea

This mix of herbs, which has a raspberry leaf, nettle, and chaste berry (vitex), may increase a woman’s libido, keep her hormones in balance, and help her get pregnant.

Women who are having trouble ovulating may also benefit from using FertiliTea. If consumed every day, benefits can be visible in two weeks.


Be careful: if you become pregnant, stop taking it.

5. Cinnamon

It has been demonstrated that this spice can boost sex desire over time and lower the risk of UTIs in females.

Its capacity to lower excessive blood sugar, which inhibits blood flow to the vagina, provides advantages (and the penis). Therefore, you will experience better sex if you can manage your blood sugar.

Even though cinnamon doesn’t instantly make you more seductive, it’s still a good enough excuse to accept warm cinnamon buns as dessert.

Furthermore, you have nothing to lose by putting a teaspoon of fresh cinnamon in your coffee or bran muffin every day.


Use no more than a teaspoon of cinnamon when you sprinkle it on your food. This nice thing can be harmful if consumed in excess, especially when breathed or taken dry. Additionally, you shouldn’t take a tablespoon because it can make you throw up.

You’re Up, Men!

Taking sex pills is like jumping your car every two miles instead of fixing the battery. On the other hand, prescription drugs like Viagra and Cialis may make you feel better.

Erectile dysfunction may result from issues like low testosterone, excessive cortisol, hypothyroidism, high cholesterol, or high blood sugar (ED).

These supplements could increase your desire for sex and take care of some of those underlying problems:

1. Serenoa repens (Serenoa repens)

Saw palmetto works best for men with prostate issues like prostatitis or an enlarged prostate.


Studies show that it helps with poor flow, the need to urinate at night, and the uncomfortable feeling that your bladder is still full.

Saw palmetto aids in prostate gland hydration and testosterone production stimulation.

Additionally, it might aid in reducing the rate of male pattern baldness.

Make sure your product includes at least 85% fatty acids and take 160 mg twice daily.

Be careful


In sensitive individuals, saw palmetto may result in poor breath, sleeplessness, diarrhoea, or constipation.

Be cautious, especially if you take Coumadin (warfarin), Lovenox, Plavix, aspirin, or other blood thinners. It may increase blood flow.

If you’re unsure about its safety, ask your pharmacist.

2. Hot Plants

This herbal pill has elements that have been shown in studies to help improve sexual satisfaction.

It might increase performance, rekindle erotic pleasure, and revive sexual desire. The dietary supplement comes in “he” and “her” versions.


All of the ingredients in this supplement are known to improve sexual health, including horny goat weed, Tongkat Ali, Panax ginseng, Rhodiola, and maca.

It claims to nourish the adrenal glands, the prostate gland, and the circulatory system and to start working in a week or two.

Ask your doctor or pharmacist if Hot Plants are safe for you because some of their constituents may mix with prescription drugs.

 3. L-arginine

Men with erectile dysfunction and hypertension (or coronary artery disease) should take arginine.

This organic amino acid functions similarly to Viagra by aiding in the dilation of blood vessels that supply the heart and penis, enhancing blood flow and, ultimately, performance.


It’s in a lot of sex supplements, like VasoRect and Libido Tonight, which you can buy on Amazon (

Arginine can be consumed orally along with your daily vitamins or applied topically to the penis for quick results. It’s okay for women to take arginine.

Be careful: arginine may make your herpes outbreak more likely if you already have the genital or fever blister form of the disease. Some sex supplements that have arginine in them may also have herbs and other ingredients that could interact with prescription drugs.

To find out if these multi-tasking pills are safe for you, consult your doctor.

4. Ginkgo Biloba

This ancient herb helps to get and sustain an erection by enhancing blood flow to the heart, brain, and all of your nice bits. The annoying sexual side effects of antidepressants, including Zoloft, Paxil, Celexa, Prozac, Wellbutrin, and others, may be successfully treated with ginkgo.


Make sure your product includes at least 24 per cent of “ginkgo heterosides,” a strong antioxidant that also lowers free radicals. Take between 40 and 80 mg twice daily. Women can use it safely too.

Be careful: the strong blood thinner ginkgo Biloba may interact with aspirin, Lovenox, Plavix, warfarin, and other blood thinners. If you have any questions, ask your pharmacist.

Cinnamon Seeds

These seeds contain a lot of zinc, which has been shown to boost sexual desire and fertility.

This mineral is also extraordinarily abundant in oysters. But if you don’t want to eat slimy animals every day, pumpkin seeds are a great alternative.


Additionally, they include a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, which help to clear out the capillaries and arteries that supply your genitalia.

Consume them straight from the bag, sprinkle them on salads, or pulverize pumpkin seeds and combine them with flour for breeding poultry and other meals. Ladies, feel free to throw back a few as well.

Try zinc lozenges or pills as well. Every day, I take one, any flavour.

Check the label for additives because some brands of pumpkin seeds contain synthetic dyes and chemicals.

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Farm Cut Offers a Model for Growing Cannabis and Collaborating



Farm Cut Offers a Model for Growing Cannabis and Collaborating

Collaboration instead of competition is uncommon and almost extinct in 2022, at the centre of late-stage capitalism. Farm Cut seeks to rectify that. While other businesses compete to have the best cannabis, the dankest ganja, the loudest buds, and to call anything else shwag, Farm Cut adopts a unique strategy by working together to cultivate the best.

Five family farms that makeup Farm Cut can be located in Northern California’s fertile and conducive to outdoor growing areas. It consists of Whitethorn Valley Farm, HappyDay Farms, Emerald Spirit Botanicals, Down Om Farms, and Briceland Forest Farm. Instead of growing cannabis under artificial settings, each cooperating farm concentrates on regenerative and organic processes. The farms also provide their neighbours with fresh products from the area, which fosters a sense of community and support.

Farm Cut is unique among its competitors because they don’t trim. You did read that correctly. The little sugar leaves that cover the buds are left in place by the farmers.

The thinking behind this audacious choice is explained by Daniel Stein of Briceland Forest Farm.


He explained the method of removing the buds by running your fingers down the stems: “We actually don’t trim; Our process is that we buck it down off the stem after it’s fully dried.” After it has been bucked down, the cure takes place. When we are ready to package it, we remove any stems or larger leaves and simply brush it with gloves.

This technique produces a delicious and aromatic outdoor herb that has an added layer of weather resistance.

Depending on how it is stored, cannabis is susceptible to deterioration caused by elements like light and humidity. According to Stein, Farm Cut’s anti-trimming process keeps the plant’s terpenes and cannabinoids longer than trimming does. The small protecting leaves around the flower bud, known as the sugar leaves, are still present when the buds are presented by Farm Cut since that is how producers maintain them in their head stashes.

According to Stein, “We are trying to do this in the way that farmers preserve and keep their weed.” “When you trim it—I guess the best thing I can relate it to is, when you go to the grocery store, you wouldn’t buy a peeled banana or a peeled orange. It’s just ridiculous. They come with a natural, protective coat, and similar, that little bit of sugar leaf that’s on cannabis keeps it from hitting against other buds and moderates its moisture.”

Before rolling a joint, Stein advises cleaning the leaf matter off. After shaking the joint, throw the shake into an edible. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.


In order to preserve the quality in regards to issues like moisture retention, Farm Cut only sells quarters and half-ounces rather than grams and eighths. They overfill the reusable jars with a little extra product to make up for the leaves that inevitability makes it into the bag in order to make sure that customers are still getting what they paid for. By doing it this way, you still get a ton of ganja deliciousness, and after the leaves are taken off, there is still a ton of product.

Farm Cut emphasizes more than just paying careful attention to prolonging the life of the flower by avoiding cutting. They also comprise a close-knit group of cannabis cultivators. The collective of farms can expand the variety of items they sell to merchants by cultivating several strains simultaneously on various farms because they all stand behind each other’s goods.

According to Stein, the camaraderie between farmers is really where this brand originated. “We’re all farms that share a lot of our ethos and how and why we grow. We’ve all either met each other as friends in life or through the cannabis industry, and we’ve all had these experiences of aligning with brands that don’t really represent us. They may help us sell flowers or whatever, but they don’t represent the morals, ethos, and quality of what we want to bring into the world.”

The farms that make up the neighbourhood of Farm Cut are all privately owned. Each one serves as a homestead for families with several generations and farm animals.

This group of farmers representing the same things coming together is quite special, according to Stein. “We have vegetables, too. We’re farmers, not growers. We don’t come from the indoor growing industry. We come from a relationship with plants to the earth and feel a responsibility to take care of the earth and our community. And part of that with the food is learning to connect to the land we live on in a way that creates something higher-quality than what would be grown on an industrial farm.”


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